nightofechos sighed: I'm so glad to find another wolf friend! hiya people call me echo!

Whoa! Okay! you are welcome ! -howls- :3

closedgates-heaven sighed: Love your blog ^w^ ! (and I just freakin love your musics too ._.) Stay awesome Ookami-san (or chan x) ) owo ♥

Thanks, u’re Welcome in this pack! :3 -howls-

ihsquared sighed: Awesome blog! I have made a wolf t-shirt design that I think you might dig. I have it up on my blog, check it out :) can I submit to this blog? let me know, thanks!

Sure! Nice blog! :3

ciaoandreoni sighed: Hey 😁 volevo solo dirti che ho trovato in giro ieri sera il tuo blog e mi é piaciuto un sacco! 🌕🐺

Ti ringrazio Julie ! -howls- :3